The importance of Google and Facebook ads for a small businesses

Why Google and Facebook ads are crucial to your marketing efforts


Ever heard someone say “I’ll just Google it” when looking for an answer to a question?

It’s a pretty common occurrence. That’s because Google is undeniably the biggest search engine online. In fact, Google’s dominance is outrageous, boasting a market share of 85.7% in the United Kingdom.

And with 75% of the United Kingdom’s population having a social media account, there’s a massive audience spending time on their devices, eager to engage with relevant and relatable content. 


Why Google ads are so powerful

With a whopping two trillion searches per year, Google sees over 5 billion searches per day. There’s enormous opportunity there. Because among these billions of searches, are people looking for something. Whether it’s the answer to a problem your business can help them solve or an item they’re looking to buy, there’s a strong likelihood they’re going straight to Google to look for it.

And if you can help them find the answer, the chance is a lot higher that they’re going to go to you, time and again for your solution before even considering your competition. Tapping into those billions of searches and that massive 85.7% market share can direct that audience to you. And all it takes is a little advertising to make sure that audience is finding you.


Why Facebook ads are worth investing in

According to research conducted by Facebook, there’s a monumental 89% accuracy rate when it comes to targeted ad campaigns. What this means is that Facebook allows you to target an audience based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviours with more advanced targeting feature available - meaning you can speak directly to the audience you’re after. 

If you’re an Etsy seller, have a Shopify store, or are a small business owner looking to drive new customers to your company, Google and Facebook ads are an incredible way to enhance your brand awareness, increase engagement and grow your audience base; all of which are important funnels leading to sales.


The best way to use Google and Facebook ads

When it comes to Google and Facebook ads, there are so many different digital marketing strategies and advertising roads to results. It can become overwhelming trying to figure out which is a good fit for your company. Without thorough research and planning, putting strong campaigns out can be a difficult task. 

We understand that small business owners work hard on building their business while doing a number of things behind the scenes that it’s almost impossible to find the time and effort needed to learn the tricks of the digital marketing trade. This means the potential opportunity to tap into the users on Google and Facebook isn’t fully realised. 

Without insight and understanding, reaching the target audience is complex navigation. And in the digital jungle, every cent you spend on advertising is crucial.

If building a business is your forte, but targeting an advert to reach a wider audience isn’t, we’ve got you covered. Our services included comprehensive campaigns to tackle targeting audiences and offering digital ads custom-made for you and your small business.


Not convinced? Check out our strategy builder and we’ll help you navigate the wild woods of digital advertising!