Questions People Frequently Ask Us About Bambuuu

What does bambuuu do?

Bambuuu provides digital marketing for small businesses through innovative and easy to use platform.. We plan, run and optimise your google, facebook and instagram advertising campaigns. We create bespoke campaigns for every business and leverage our proprietary technology to execute world beating strategies. Our strategy builder is powered by the bambuuu algorithm which has been built from the ground up using years of data and experience.


Who should use bambuuu?

Bambuuu has been built specifically for smaller businesses (SME’s, SMB’s),  and fills the void of being your digital marketing expert. If you have marketing budgets of £0 - £10k a month then you’re at the right place. We’re far more cost effective than using a traditional agency or hiring a marketing specialist. 

We  are an online marketing agency for small business which offers full flexibility and transparency, when compared to other agencies or products in the market. We are the best way to advertise small businesses. 


Why should I advertise digitally?

If you want to grow your business you need more people to see the product or service you're offering. This can be done through organic means like SEO & posting on social media. However this usually requires your target customer to be looking for your business. If you want to go out and find the people who will be interested in your business then you need to advertise to them directly to get their attention.

Google and Facebook are the biggest digital platforms globally so you can reach your audience here… no matter what. We offer small business strategy with clear concise digital marketing tools to achieve the best performance possible.

Check out our blog for more info on the importance of Google & Facebook advertising and why these are the best forms of advertising for a small business.


What countries is bambuuu active in?

Bambuuu is active globally, so wherever you want to run your online advertising campaign you can. The only thing we’d suggest is making sure you don't try and target too many places with a limited budget. Our marketing plans for small business work for all countries and use key data to improve performance across all regions.


Do I need marketing experience to be able to use bambuuu?

You don’t need to be an SME marketing expert to use bambuuu. We have years of experience in digital marketing for small business, and our strategy builder is built to create the perfect marketing strategy for you. We have simplified the whole process, with our intuitive platform and simple user journey, and if you need to talk then use the live chat and speak to a member of the team. 

We do all the small business strategy so you can focus on building other parts of your business.


What are the main KPIs bambuuu reports on?

Social media marketing has various Key Performance Indicators, depending on the objective’s you choose.  We will report on the most relevant metrics to you. These could be:




Return on ad spend


Revenue Cost Per Sale (CPS, CPA)

Click through rate (CTR)

Our small business marketing tools help you understand the importance of these, and give you up-to-date information. 


What attribution methods do you use?

Understanding attribution is important and has a massive impact on campaign performance when it comes to conversions and revenue.

We use the same attribution as Google & Facebook which will follow the below:

Facebook & Instagram = 7 Day view though or last click attribution

Google Search = Last click attribution

These are the best form of advertising for smaller businesses and control 80% of the digital advertising market. 


How soon can I see my performance metrics?

Once your campaign is live you will be able to check your live results in your personalised dashboard after 24 hours. That's the benefit of digital marketing, you don’t need to wait too long to see how your campaign is performing. We know the best ways to advertise small businesses, that includes how to read performance metrics, if you have any questions just ask in our live chat.

 We link into both Google and Facebook’s platforms directly, which allows us to get updates on performance daily, this will all be available in your dashboard. 


Are there any long term contracts with bambuuu?

You don't need to sign a long term contract with bambuuu, we are proud of our flexibility and transparency. We currently charge a 15% platform fee on top of your media budget. We are completely transparent in our pricing and more accessible than alternatives.

A worked example of this is below; 

Campaign Budget = £1,000

Bambuuu Fee = 15% = £150

Total Amount = £1,150

We will be shortly launching our subscription model for users who need more advanced functionality. This will be on a rolling monthly contract, with full flexibility to cancel on a month by month basis. Sign up to our early bird offer now.


How quickly can I set ads live with bambuuu?

We pride ourselves on our ability to get campaigns live quickly, our technology facilitates this in a quick and easy manner. We know social media is a big part of a small businesses digital marketing strategy, therefore provide all the tools to do this.

We promote that a user can get a campaign live within 5 minutes of coming to bambuuu for the first time. Don't believe us? Try it out.


When will I begin to see traffic on my site after launching?

You will start to see traffic come to your site fairly soon after the campaign has gone live, however this will depend on your many things including budget, creative & length of campaign. If you have a website analytics tool such as google analytics you will be able to monitor the changes in traffic.

Will you help me come up with a strategy?

Yes, we create bespoke marketing plans for small businesses, take a look through our ‘strategy builder’, it should only take you a couple of minutes. If you go through and answer the relevant questions you will get a bespoke strategy for your campaign, which we will activate against once you have added content and gone through the payment process.


Why do you need to connect to our facebook page?

Facebook advertising for small businesses is one of the best ways to advertise, and really helps drive performance. We need access to your facebook page as we will be running ads on your behalf and directly from your page.

By giving us access, this means when a user sees the advert, it will say the ad has come from you and not us. Don’t worry though, we only have access to create and manage adverts, nothing else.


Will you help with the creative?

We have some Buuu tips in the content section of the site which can help you with your ads. Check out our blog for more creative tips and also feel free to use live support if you need help.

Creative is really important for effective SME marketing, therefore really spend some time to consider what will attract your customers and best explain your product or service.


Where will my adverts run?

Depending on the bespoke plan you receive your ads will run on all or a selection of Google, Facebook & Instagram. These platforms run 80% of all digital marketing campaigns globally, and are key to success for an SME.

Can I run more than one campaign at a time?

Yes, absolutely! If you want to run multiple campaigns with different objectives or targeting different audiences then you can run side by side. This is actually one of the most successful ways to advertise small businesses online. 


Can I run more than one advert in my campaign?

Yes,  you can. Just upload the content for one advert, press save and then add another. Please make sure you click save advert everytime to avoid losing any content. Our platform provides A/B testing, and using more than one advert can help us optimise your campaign and increase performance .


What type of businesses should use bambuuu?

We provide digital marketing for all types of small and medium businesses. We have run campaigns for product based services based business in the UK, US, Europe and South Africa. Wherever you want to target, we can create an audience for you and help get you the results. 


If I’m a media agency, can I use bambuuu?

Of course you can, we like to think of ourselves as a ‘marketeers friend’. So if you're a media agency, marketing manager or business owner then we can share the load and take some of the work from you.

If you’re looking for a larger partnership with us then contact us to discuss options and our enterprise service.

I’m sold, do you have any offers I can use?

We sometimes have discount codes available for new users. Give us a shout and we will see if we can sort something out for you

What's the best form of advertising for small business?

The platforms have different benefits and drawbacks, for example facebook and instagram advertising works well to capture new users who may not have considered your brand or product previously. Whereas Google is much more direct, with a user searching for that product from the get go. 


How to advertise a small business? 

Social media marketing is a really effect solution for advertising a small business. This is predominantly Facebook, Google and Instagram marketing, with both engagement and conversion campaigns. 

We are a digital marketing agency built for smaller businesses, and can help you with all your internet marketing.