How to create engaging Google & Facebook ad content

For a successful advert on Facebook, Instagram or Google, you need to make sure your content is going to get the attention of an audience. We’ve got a few quick tips to make sure you know how to make the most engaging content for your ads to perform.


5 tips to create better digital ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google



1) Clear value proposition: Get to the point immediately

We live in a fast-paced world where attention has become a valuable commodity. According to Facebook, users take only 1.7 seconds on average browsing a post. To capitalise on grabbing the interest of a prospective customer, design your ad image or video with bold attention-grabbing reasons why the user should engage. 

With a clear value proposition and an obvious call-to-action, you mitigate the risk that a user will scroll past and miss the point of the ad. Putting the focus on the call to action and value prop isn’t to say you can’t be creative. Which leads to...


2) Getting creative with your ad format

With options like carousels, videos, slideshows, and interactive advertisements available on Facebook and Google, you have a lot of room to play in how you present your ad. So before you start designing your ad, give some thought to which format will best suit your offering. 

And don’t be afraid to break out the box in how you use your ad space. If you have one product you want to promote, you can use a carousel with one design sliced across three images. Don't worry though, we can do this for you also.

Remember, the individuals seeing your ad might not have seen your brand before. And we all know about how important making a first impression can be. So aim to impress a new audience with something a little different.


3) Take advantage of promotions and campaigns

Offering promotions, discounts and freebies are fun, exciting ways to make an impression. A big bold “90% off!” is enticing and everyone likes the idea of winning a prize. 

You can also win over a customer to your brand by targeting a sweepstake that either requires them to engage (and tag a friend) or leads them to a campaign landing page where you can capture their information, like an email address, to add to your database. 

Put competitions into your advertising campaigns every few months and tease the competition with one or two posts beforehand to get more bang from your buck in ad spend. That way, you hype up the contest and get audiences to see your brand before the campaign even launches.


4) Talk about the problem - and offer the solution

Your brand exists to help a person in some way or another, whether it’s making their lives easier, providing a necessary service, or just offering a great product. Make the pain points that your brand resolves a key part of your messaging and focus on how you are the solution to these.

By pointing out the problem, your ad will be relatable and pull user’s attention. By providing a solution, there’s an implicit trust put in your brand for offering the problem solve.


5) Use an advert campaign specialist

If you want to deliver the most exciting and engaging content, consider using a company dedicated to it. We exist to make sure you are offering the best content and that you are getting the best out of your ad spend possible. Chat to us for your bespoke ad strategy and start seeing the difference!