Getting the most out of your website

Your campaigns are running smoothly. Everything’s going as planned. But the performance on your site just isn’t aligning. Something’s not adding up and you don’t quite know what it is.


Seem familiar?


It might be that your campaigns are performing, but your site isn’t optimised to enjoy the full benefits of them. That’s because there’s more to a successful campaign than the ads themselves. An ad campaign requires an ecosystem of working parts for the full potential to be realised. And that includes the site. 


Luckily, we’re here to cover a checklist of good-to-haves to make sure your site is at tip-top shape for ad campaign performance perfection!


Five top tips to improve your website for ad campaigns

The secret is simplicity: Make the check-out process easy

An easy way to optimise your site, reduce the bounce rate, and promote sales is to make it simple for a customer to go from cart to check out. Having seamless payment options, convenient delivery, and excellent customer service features go a long way in keeping the customer content in paying for your product or service. 


Lightning loading: Win the race with speedy precision

Nothing makes a customer want to close a tab (and slam their computer closed) more than a slow internet page. Make sure your site loads quickly and your customer is more likely to complete the check out process. 

Machmetrics puts a pretty remarkable stat to this: 

14% of your audience will start shopping at another site if your page loads are slow, and 23% will simply stop the shopping experience or walk away from the computer.


Less is more: Focus on quality over quantity on the home page

This one might come across as counter-intuitive, but offering too many products on the home page of your site might lead to decreased sales. Instead, featuring fewer products with better descriptions gives a more premium, less overwhelming impression on the customer and helps them focus on one or two products that catch their eye.


Add trust layers: Testify! 

Your ad campaign might pique interest, but trust will improve conversions. Having elements on your site which enhance credibility can help encourage sales. Having features like testimonials, staff bios, case studies, and metrics of previous happy customers and successful services in place on your site can act as incredible passive persuasion.

According to Econsultancy:

“63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews” and “reviews produce an average 18% uplift in sales.” 


The trick in the trade: Tracking, tracking, tracking

You’ve planned, developed, testing and launched your campaign. That’s great! But now what?

The next step is crucial: You need to keep tabs on how it’s running - on all aspects. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your ads, it’s critical to monitor them and learn from them. Track the performance of your ad on your site as well as the analytics from the ad platform (such as Google or Facebook). Setting up simple charts or tracking on more elegant dashboards help to record what you’re doing - giving you more insight into what works and what doesn’t.


Giving your ads the best chance

If you’ve got these five checked off, you’re in a good position to get the best benefits from your ad campaigns. Now, go forth and launch some successful ads!

Still need help running your ad campaign? Come chat with us. We can help set you up with the right metrics and data to make sure you go forward with the best campaigns possible and the best performance potential!