Case Study - Bambuuu’s Approach: Personalised clothing brand

The Problem

Quality research, planning, implementation & optimising can skyrocket a brand’s reputation, with digital marketing and ad campaigning acting as the springboard. The challenge here, though is that most smaller businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to get to grips with running an advert online.

Because, while it’s easy enough to get an advert out there and put money behind it, without a strategy, it’s almost like trying to catch a fish on dry land.


Unfortunately, we often see smaller companies attempting to get the right message to the right audience without embracing any sort of researched strategy. Despite the very best efforts, running ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram without the fundamental understanding means money spent without benefit reaped. All aboard the frustration station.


So, this leaves the option of outsourcing work. Unfortunately, agencies tend to come at the cost of unrealistic fees and unreasonable deadlines. So if resource limitations throw a DIY approach out the window, and agency’s prices pull the plug on that option, what’s the alternative? 


The personalised retail clothing company was in need of a solution to try and hit their targets and reach their business objectives with a new digital marketing strategy. Without wanting to wander down the path of hiring an in-house team, they decided to look to an alternative solution to overcome their digital marketing obstacles.



The Problem Solve

And they found what they were looking for in bambuuu. They discovered that bambuuu’s service was exactly what they needed to run successful marketing campaigns easily. As an apparel company based online, it was crucial to leverage online platforms to advertise their bespoke clothing items.


Instead of trying to wade through the murky waters of traditional marketing channels, bambuuu offers a raft built on a custom platform developed through years of experience, collection of data and machine learning.


In a nutshell, this means they received better-than-agency service for their ad campaigns at a fraction of the price and without the grey-hairs of trying to create and manage a campaign themselves.  



The Outcome

The proof lies in the practical pudding.


By using bambuuu, this brand was able to hit their marketing objectives, achieving a whopping 6 X their return on their advertising spend in the first 6 weeks


Focusing efforts on Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and Instagram advertising. Bambuuu’s campaigns tailor-made campaign paid off exceptionally - with increased sales on their site, improved engagement on their social platforms and a significant increase in their subscriber base. 


The company’s founders found that they could continue running the business without shifting their focus and they see the fruits of a successful ad campaign.


Bambuuu’s bespoke approach also comes hand-in-hand with a clever dashboard powered by performance, so the client could watch as their goals were achieved and they were kept up-to-date with live figures and data.


Not only was the campaign a success resulting in increased revenue, but they also found the software incredible user-friendly. No hassles and no headaches. Take it from them:


“We loved using the bambuuu platform. It was quick to set up and so easy to use meaning we could have the piece of mind our marketing was being looked after. The service was amazing and the results speak for themselves. Thanks bambuuu!”


Interested in your own success story?

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